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EiM was founded in 2009 by Eric Powell and Matt Griffin, primarily as a vehicle to release their own experimental electronic and electroacoustic music. Quickly, however, it grew to be a curatorial project, and, since late 2009, EiM have been putting on art and performance events throughout North America.

In 2012, EiM are proud to expand again, and will be presenting gallery shows at its (semi-)permanent home at the EiM Gallery, located at 715 Richmond St. W. in Toronto, ON.

Eric Powell

Eric is a sound artist and composer working with a wide variety of presentation methods including stereo and multi-channel tape, live performance with integrated electronics, as well as site-specific and interactive installations. In 2008 he received his MFA in electroacoustic composition from Simon Fraser University. Recently, he was commissioned by the Saskatchewan Arts Board to write a piece for multi-channel tape and chamber ensemble exploring the aural character of Saskatchewan. His work has been heard throughout Canada, Mexico and the USA with recent presentations at Toronto’s New Adventures in Sound Art, Hamilton’s James Street North Art Crawl, the Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago, the CanAsian Dance Festival in Toronto, and the 2010 Saskatchewan Lieutenant Governor’s Awards.

Matt Griffin

Matt is a musician and composer from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada now living and working in Toronto. He got his BFA from Simon Fraser University's School for the Contemporary Arts and his MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In addition to his work with Electricity is Magic, he is the Audio Curator for Chicago's LiveBox Gallery. His recent shows and exhibitions include a collaboration with Eric and Campbell Foster as KATA-STROPH for Toronto's Nuit Blanche, and a video installation and performance of his piece "Empire" at New Adventures in Sound Art Art. His latest album, "Exit Strategy: Selections from Chicago 2007-2011" is available here.

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Metallic Electric Co.

"Mary Had a Little Secret"
"You Just Don't Get it, Do You?"
"It's a Nice Thing"
"Ascending Peaks"
"Upside Down Tube Chute"
"Mr. Jenkins' Pet Penguins Pt 1 & 2"
"Roar La La"

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